Alex Melis has been DJing since 2010, starting in Greece, his djing skills have taken him to Spain and Ibiza to Bora Bora, where he performed almost every year.

On the other hand, he started his music production career with Clubshine Records and has since released on Data Groove Music, Pure Enjoyment Recording.

Today he is the owner of Clubshine Records and resident DJ at Raw Community.

How did you choose your artist name?

Alex Melis is actually my real name, all of my production and DJ buddies know me that way.

What kind of music are you into nowdays?

Since the start tech house was my thing, I started producing with sanity studios and haven't changed my style since then. Since I was young, music had a special meaning to me, I have heard a lot of famous DJs like Paco Osuna.

How did you end up making music?

In fact, my brothers had a huge impact on getting me into music, Fehrmon and Vasscon showed me the first steps into music production. Today we work together at Clubshine Records.

Did you faced any troubles trying to grow as an artist?

In Greece my specific tech house style is not that famous at all, with the raw community we are working to make our specific tech house style more attractive through all the international gigs and famous DJs we book.

Tell us about the famous Bora Bora gig!

One of my first international gigs was in Spain in Bora Bora Ibiza (thanks to Reshape Black & Decibel Bookings) where I discovered a new way of perceiving the tech house scene. It was one of my biggest dreams that came true really faster than expected.

Any upcoming gigs we should be waiting for?

We are planning a lot of gigs atm, for example in Italy, Milan, Bologna, Sweden and Amsterdam. Lots of gigs that we really like to attend. Atm we are working on a big release, including Pako Ramirez and Fehrmon on the remix work, we have high goals.

Tell us a few words about Clubshine:

We have a lot of releases through Clushine Records and we focus on their quality and try to bring the best of the music to the Greek industry.

Alex, thank you very much for your time!
Thanks for having him at the Clubshines studio! I hope to be able to do something again soon.