Fehrmon began his music career in 2011 with his first nickname "Stephan V. Star" and later with his other "Newn". He made up to 50 tracks with all of his nicknames and eventually came to be known as "Fehrmon", with one of his tracks being released on Armada Music albums and Progressive House Worldwide along with his pal Sebastien Couroupis.

Today he produces music as Fehrmon.

A few years ago, Vasscon (his real brother) and Sebastien Couroupis (a lifelong friend) founded Clubshine Records, which Fehrmon eventually joined. Now more than ever focused on his productions and his label in order to leave something important to the next generations.

Tell us about yourself, as an artist:

Making music has always been my thing. This feeling that I have when producing (from the synthesizer to arranging to mixing and mastering) can be described with nothing less than Happiness.

It's about spreading that feeling and hopefully making some of the listeners feel it too.

What music are you doing these days?

I started out as a progressive house producer and over time I got a bit of melodic techno influences into my sound. Recently tech house started to facinate me, although I always try to combine it with melodic techno.

So I would call it "Melodic Tech".

Tell us about your experiences in Germany:

Well, Germany (in electronic music) is home to techno that I've always been a fan of, so many places and interesting producers / DJs - All about Techno.

Nowadays with the lockdown (Covid-19 lockdown) it is easier for me to produce music 24-7. We also noticed that we get more demos at the record label than ever. A lot of people are concentrating on producing right now because they can't perform live. (insert sad emoji here) :P

Tell us about Clubshine Records:

Well my brother (Vasscon) and one of my best friends (Sebastien Couroupis) actually started it, I got on it a few years later.

I didn't know at first, but it's a lot of work! Nonetheless, I am proud of what we have achieved over the past few years. We meet some great producers and DJs around the world and we meet some great tracks that will shape the music industry.

What's coming up in the future for Fehrmon & Clubshine Records?

Music! And great, to be honest! We plan a lot of releases and focus on their quality. For Fehrmon, I would say more tech house bangers, with a touch of melodic house.