Kevin Sunray born on April 17th, 1980, raised on Piraeus, Greece. He started DJing at the back in 1996 and he is considered as one of the pioneer music producers of the Greek house music scene since 2003. Since then he has collaborated and released his music on various record companies such as Pacha Recordings, Peppermint Jam, Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Ministry Of Sound and many others. Kevin Sunray though is not only known for his house music sound but also for his melodic attempts such as "Anemone" and his remix on "Release Me" by Oh Laura. From Eddie Amador, Antoine Clamaran & Steve Angello to Matt Darey, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren and more, Kevin Sunray's melodies and groove seduces beyond the boundaries of house music and breaks down barriers and genres of music.

When did you first started with music?

I started experimenting with music production back in 1998-99 while I was already DJing in local bars around Athens. In 2001 I started actually getting deeper in music production and it was 2003 when I got my first tracks signed by Gossip Records. So 2003 is actually the year that my career kicked off internationally and from then I started signing my tracks around the world as well as touring as a DJ. I produce mainly house music but also there are a lot of times that I am into producing melodic dance music.

Tell us about Greece:

I was born and still live in Greece. Back in the days electronic music was just underground. It was very difficult for Greek people to adapt or accept any type of electronic music in a cafe, bar or even a club. To be honest though, there were many great local parties. This started changing when we entered the digital era and to be more precise when Swedish House Mafia entered the mainstream world.

Moodway, tell us about your new alias name:

I recently resurrected an old alias name, Moodway, in order to start releasing anything melodic from now on under that artist name. The first official release will be a remix I did for “Living In The Dark” from my album. As Kevin Sunray I will keep my sound closer to anything that is House and heavy and tracks that I am enjoying playing in my dj sets.

What pushed you to write your own music?

I am a dreamer and music fully connects with my dreams, feelings, mood and so on. When I was young I was listening to music all day long, it was and still is my personal drug. I was listening to a lot of Eurodance music, I was a big fan of Prodigy and the electronic sound was already in me. In 1997 I fell in love with House Music and I am very lucky to live in a golden period, where every release was classy. I always wanted to make my own music so I started experimenting and I realized early enough that I could write melodies and express myself without having any musical background.

Whats coming up in the future?

The big thing for me now is Traxbeat, a web platform that I have been coding and developing from scratch the last 4 years and it’s based on my 20 years music experience. The platform focuses on giving all artists a fair system to rank their music, get heard and discovered without the need of marketing and social media.

Funny story; on the job?

I don’t like to travel with airplanes so as you see I have a lot of funny stories to tell :)