Michalis Perrakis, better know as 'Mikp', uncovered a passion for DJ’ing at only 15 years of age while living in Crete (Greece). Starting on 2020, his first release has since delivered 13 massive Tech House albums, with original songs on LOW CEILING, The Sin Records, Disguise Records, Teamwrk Records and of course Clubshine Records.

How did you come up with your nickname?

"Mikp" are basically the initials of my real name (Mike Perrakis), most of my friends who we grew up as DJs called me that, as a variation of my original name. So it kind of stayed with me.

What type of music are into these days?

I have a passion and love for electronic music and especially for tech house.

Tech house is the genre that makes me groove and feel alive. So I choose to produce this type of music.

I've been DJing since I was a kid, so at some point I was expected to produce my own music.

I think you have to keep developing yourself and your skills, so in late 2019 I started online music production classes with "G PLAK".

My first Release came a year later.

2020 and 2021, how is it so far?

I have lived in Greece my whole life and, more precisely, in Crete. In the last few years I have noticed a slight increase in electronic music, which I am very happy about. As in all countries, the lockdown and all these situations with Covid 19 Lockdown for almost 2 years. The good thing about this situation was the endless time to practice and produce.

So much new music is coming. I have one final release for 2021 and I promise 2022 will be full of grooves.

Starting as a dj and taking a extra step as a producer, how did that happend?

After all these years of producing, it was expected to take the next step and produce my own music. It played a huge role in my production style, is the influence of the inaugural DJ set I played for the biggest names in electronic music in Greece. I sat next to the DJ bouth and watched everything. For me it was a free seminar. One of the biggest experiences of my life was at a beach party, with over 1500 people, I was a little drunk and it seemed like a good idea to take my pants off in front of everyone. Don't google that please.

Whats the plan, moving forward?

As a label hunter, I plan to release with all the top labels around the world. Ι love the feeling of signing a track. This is your reward for your hard work and the hours you spend in the studio.

Thank you for coming over for this interview!

Thanks for having me in the studio, I really enjoyed this interview.

I can't wait to wait for my new release on your label !! #used_to